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ENG 110: How to Write Well (Harman, FA2021): Reading Textbooks for Information

Questions you might ask

  • Are there questions at the beginning of each chapter that you can use for studying?
    • These questions usually are there to help you focus on specific topics.
  • Did the chapter author(s) answer the questions clearly, or do you need to do come additional outside reading?
  • Are there questions/topics contained in the syllabi that are clearly related, and if so how?

Take notes as you read the assigned chapters. Review the syllabus often to connect it with the textbook, and to refresh your memory on what your professor has assigned.

Using Your textbook for more than a Doorstop

Your Textbook

  • Read the text carefully for clues
  • Research topics that interest you from the textbook - you may find your research paper waiting!
  • Search the library's databases for articles and books which discuss or offer research on a specific topic from the textbook.
  • Locate a book or ebook which discusses topics from the textbook
  • Locate information about assigned external readings. 
  • For every 1 hour of class time, try to spend 2 hours studying, either alone or with some of your class.