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DBA 701 Doctoral Success Lab: Dissertation Resources

Doctoral Success Lab is the first course in the DBA program.

How to cite a dissertation from a database

Author, A. A. (Date). Title of dissertation in sentence case and italics [Doctoral dissertation, Name of Institution]. Database Name. 


Dunn, L. C. (2022). A quantitative correlational study: Do specific student characteristics predict preferred teacher qualities and instructional activities? [Doctoral dissertation, Northcentral University]. ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global. 

Warning: ProQuest does not give you the correct APA 7th ed. citation.  

Dissertation Database Tutorial

ProQuest Dissertation Database

Search ProQuest Dissertation Database 

Citation Connections will help you determine foundational research or seminal works related to your topic and similar dissertations.  You can also use hyperlinks on reference pages to go directly to those resources.  

citation connections in proquest

Finding Seminal Works

Consider using Harzing's Publish or Perish software. 

Publish or Perish is a software program that retrieves and analyzes academic citations. It uses a variety of data sources to obtain the raw citations, then analyzes these and presents a range of citation metrics, including the number of papers, total citations and the h-index.