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ENG 122: Academic Writing II (Husic, Fall 2020): Survey

Resources for Research Assignment & Annotated Bibliography.

The "Saint Leo Go" app and Library Survey

Download the "Saint Leo Go" app to access the Library and the LibGuide (Library Guide) for this course:

Using your mobile phone, search the App store or Google Play to find and download the "Saint Leo GO" app. 
Once downloaded:
- Select the Person icon at the top, and choose your student status under "My Persona: University Campus Student, Worldwide Online, etc."
- Find and select the "Library" icon (Books).
- Scroll down and select "LibGuides," then click on the "Access LibGuides" link.
   (If the chat box pops up, select "No Thanks.")
- Select "English & Literature."
- Select ENG 122: Academic Writing II (Husic, Fall 2020)
- Then select the "Library Survey" link below.

Saint Leo "GO"