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CRM 331: White Collar Crime/Library Instruction: White Collar Crime

SLU Faculty Article on White Collar Crime

Stephen Baglione, Bobby Diemer

Criminal Justice Research Methods

Finding Laws in the Databases

Research Paper 2.

WHAT VIOLATIONS OF LAW AND REGULATIONS ARE BEING BROKEN? (Federal law; State law; violations of regulations of the Federal Trade Commission; Consumer Product Safety Commission; EPA; OSHA; etc.) NOTE: This will require some research on your part to find relevant laws that are being broken.

Finding Cases in the Databases

Research Paper 3.

CITE 3 SPECIFIC CASES THAT HAVE BEEN PROSECUTED OR SUED CIVILLY. (Do not use cases discussed in book; this is an independent research assignment.)

a. Criminal Prosecutions

b. Civil Suits

[For each prosecution or civil lawsuit, give appropriate citation authority.]

Subject Guide

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Information Flow Into Criminal Justice

Shows the interdisciplinary nature of Criminal Justice; White Collar Crime is related to Business and well as Criminal Justice.