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The Research Paper: Home


  • Picking a topic and reviewing background information.
  • Locating scholarly sources.

Module 2

  • Preparing a bibliography.
  • Database searching.
  • APA formatting.

Module 3

  • Preparing an annotated bibliography.

Module 4

  • Formulating a thesis statement.
  • Creating an outline.

Module 5

  • Writing an inititial draft.

Module 6

  • Editing an original draft.

Module 7

  • Completing a peer review.

Module 8

  • Editing and incorporating peer review suggestions into final draft.


Honor Code: The core values of the University of Saint Leo.

Easybib: EasyBib helps you quickly and easily create a bibliography.

Research Questions:

Reference Desk: (800) 359-5945


Writing Support:

Support during all stages of the writing process can be completed online or over the phone.  Please make an appointment using the Writing and Research appointment calendars, the appointment book at the Cannon Library Circulation Desk, or by direct contact.

In-person, online, or by phone, 

Ángel L. Jiménez: Appointment Calendar, (352)-588-8269, 

John David Harding: Appointment Calendar, (352) 588-7576,

Introduction to Research Project

You will complete a course project culminating in a research paper on the following topic:

  • How has the US Military accomplished integration of (1) racial/ethnic groups, (2) gender, or (3) sexual orientation; and what has been the effect on mission readiness?

Your research project should focus on the current status of military integration of race/gender/ or sexual orientation,  as it is today. 

Your task is to research one of the three areas of integration and its effect on mission readiness and write a 5-10 page research paper.

You are encouraged to select a narrow and specific topic for the research project.  For example, instead of looking at how the US military has accomplished integration of "gender" in all areas of the US Military, you may want to focus on how the US Navy has worked to accommodate female sailors on ships or submarines; or how the US Army is working to accommodate female soldiers on the battlefield; or Male Perspectives on the Integration of Female Soldiers.   

Within the topic of integration of racial/ethnic groups, you may want to investigate how the US Military recruits non-citizens and works to fully integrate them into the ranks; or the Hispanic Experience in the US Military.   Within the topic of integration of sexual orientation, you might want to investigate the Lesbian Experience in the US Military, or  LGBT Soldiers and Military Health Care.

This topic of integration directly addresses the Saint Leo core value of respect, a discussion of which should be incorporated into the paper.

Your focus for the paper is the current status of the integration process, NOT a historical analysis of military achievement.  Do not plan to spend more than 1 - 2 paragraphs on history of military integration of race, gender or sexual orientation. 

Your goal is to answer these questions: 

  • WHAT has the military accomplished in this area of integration?
  • HOW WELL or HOW POORLY have the goals of integration been met?
  • WHAT else (if anything) needs to be accomplished?
  • WHAT effect has this integration had on military readiness?

Please note that each step of the research project must be submitted in order to earn the points for that step.  Late work is only accepted with prior instructor approval and will suffer a 50% point reduction penalty.  The class calendar will give you exact due dates for items in each module.   Your instructor will provide feedback on each submission.