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PSY 205 - Research Methods (Sabo, 2022): Welcome!

Information on how to find scholarly information on research methods, psychology, with a touch of APA.

Goals for this Guide

  1. Demonstrate how to find scholarly journal articles using the library databases.  
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in APA 7 citations..
  3. Understand the importance of giving credit to scholars for their original ideas.


    Welcome to the LibGuide for PSY 205! This guide is your starting point for research, APA format, and videos that will increase your success in this course. Please feel free to contact me for help with your research, APA formatting, and other questions that will arise as you write. 

To start finding great resources, just click on the LibGuide's tabs! You will find samples of appropriate books, ebooks, journals, databases, websites, etc.!