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MBA 531: Human Capital for Organizational Performance: Major Assignments

Major Assignments, Spring 2022

Panel Discussion: Students will participate in a synchronous panel discussion during which they will present and discuss the application or integration of a leadership theory or concept related to leadership, power, influence, or motivation. (check with instructor)

Case Analysis: Students will develop an analysis of a case study. The analysis should reflect a sophisticated understanding of the course concepts and theories relevant to the case. The essay should be supported by information from research-based publications, such as textbooks, peer-reviewed journal articles, or other sources providing relevant guidance on the topic. The analysis should be presented in APA format (consisting of intext citations and a reference list. 

Zoom Panel Discussion

Choose from one of the following topics for your Zoom panel discussion:

  • McClelland’s Need Theory 
  • Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory  
  • Social Exchange Theory 
  • Equity Theory 
  • Expectancy Theory of Motivation 
  • Interpersonal Forms of Power  
  • Intergroup Sources of Power 
  • Symbols of Power 
  • Contingency Theories 
  • Path-Goal Theory 
  • Situational Leadership Model 
  • Leader Member Exchange  
  • Transformational Leadership 
  • Moral and Spiritual Leadership 
  • Authentic Leadership 
  • Servant Leadership 
  • Followership 
  • Transactional Leadership 
  • Theory X and Theory Y 
  • Leadership Development Theory 

Group Consulting Project

Working in teams, students will play the role of management consultants. Each team will conduct an analysis of an organization exploring an aspect of organizational behavior that interests them and is relevant to the chosen organization.

The team’s role is to:

  1. Study the organization
  2. Analyze a global issue
  3. Propose actions that solve the organizational problem.

The focus of the project must be analytical and not merely descriptive.

The analysis will result in a 10-15 page paper, APA formatted, which consists of:

  1. A description of the organizational problem and evidence to support the diagnosis
  2. Recommended actions to resolve the problem.

The paper should reflect the team's understanding of organizational behavior and human resource theories and concepts to diagnose the organizational problem and propose resolutions.

In addition to the written report, each team will make a 12-15 minute presentation using PowerPoint via Zoom/Collaborate during a time scheduled by the professor. (Modules 7 & 8)

  • Paper/Report & Presentation due M7
    • Each student submit the paper/report to this assignment folder (by April 20th)
    • Each student submit the Presentation to the Final Project Presentation Assignment Folder  (by April 20th)
  • Presentations will be held on the last day of class, April 23rd.

Review the Rubrics in the Start Here menu to obtain a clear understanding of the requirements and expectations.