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SLU 101 - Lucio: Home

Guide for the Passion Project Research Paper.

Learning Outcomes

Library Learning Outcomes

After today's session, you will be able to:

  1. List keywords you can use to search the databases for your topic
  2. Locate a scholarly article that could be using in your Passion Project
  3. Cite that article in either MLA or APA format

Topics by Group Area

Welcome to the LibGuide for SLU 101

Research and Writing of your Passion Project Research Paper.

  • Picking a topic. How to find the right keywords to get the information you need.
  • Help finding scholarly resources for your paper. You need 5 scholarly resources for this paper.
  • MLA or APA writing help. Research papers must be correctly formatted and have correct citations.

Assessment and Evaluations


  1. Attendance 10%- Attendance in every class session is expected of all students. Exceptions will only be allowed if advance permission has been granted by the instructor or for a documented emergency situation. 


  1. Express Yourself Journal 30% - Active participation in journals is expected of all students. These allow for the students to learn through real world situations and reflect on their own goals and personal experiences. LO 1


  1. Choose Your Own SLU Adventure 20%-  The purpose of Choose Your Own Saint Leo Adventure Groups is to allow you all to explore all that Saint Leo has to offer while building relationships with your peers all while engaging in a little friendly competition. You will work in a small group all semester long to complete mini challenges, each worth a designated number of points. LO 1, 4


  1. Vision Board/Personal Brand 7.5% - Students will create a vision board, logo, or brand presentation that depicts their personality and identity as they wish to share it with the world. A vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life. LO 5


  1. Elevator Pitch-Flip Grid 7.5%- Each student will produce a Flip Grid video 1-2-minute elevator pitch that could be used to introduce themselves in meetings, interviews or in interactions with potential employers. LO 1


  1. Passion Project Research Paper 12.5% - Each student will write a 3-page paper discussing the pros and cons of a passion area through various research methods. Students will reflect on how this topic has interacted with their experience throughout this semester in their personal lives and/or on campus.  LO 2, 3, 5


  1. PSA 12.5%-  For this assignment, you will review the United Nations Global Issues, pick an issue and research this topic, write, plan, and present a Public Service Announcement (PSA) that focuses on a problem in our society and a solution to the problem. You will work in crews to help each other as you write, produce, and direct a PSA.