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IHT 345: Hotel and Resort Operations (Holcomb, Fall 2022): Home

This guide will assist students with researching and developing their research topic assignment

Your Assignment

Hotel Industry Research Topic Assignment

  1. Choose a topic presented upon in the textbook and choose an issue related to one of these topics:
    1. Hotel Ownership
    2. Hotel Revenue Management
    3. Front Office Management
    4. Housekeeping
    5. Integrated Hotels
    6. Spa and Wellness
    7. Hotel and Social Media
    8. Hotel Sustainability

  1. Find an article in one of the newsletters below which discusses the topic you chose
  2. Find an addition source for this topic from:
    1. Peer Reviewed Article or
    2. Business Industry Journal
      1. These must be within the past 2 years
  3. Deliverable
    1. 1 page summary of the topic (no longer than 300 words)
    2. Including a reference page in APA format
    3. Create and present a PowerPoint presentation based on your research
      1. At least 5 slides
      2. No longer than 10 minutes



Hospitality Upgrade-(tech)

Hospitality Net

Hotel Magazine -problem with website

Hotel Speak-Marketing

News Brief/Travel -- Travel and Hospitality

Skift-Future of Lodging

Hotel Resource

Hospitality Trends

Suggested Steps:

1. Read over assignment details.

2. Go first to Newsletters/Websites Provided by Professor Holcomb.

3. Scour all of them THEN pick a topic of interest. Save that article.

4. Library Databases: Two best for this assignment: EBSCO and ProQuest

5. Keywords and Parameters

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