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HCA 498 and HCA 450: Health Planning and Policy Management: Home

Subject Guide

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Carol Moon
Professor Carol Ann Moon
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Saint Leo University
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HCA498 Course Description

A capstone course integrating health services planning, organization, management and evaluation. The student appreciates the complexity inherent in the diversity of program targets Learners assess the key steps in the planning process and evaluate the value of drawing upon a variety of approaches to the health planning process. Participation provides the learner the opportunity to establish a program based on existing methodologies for setting program priorities, planning, management, activates, and evaluation.


Term Paper

The student will develop an 8-10 page paper on a community health assessment for

Program planning, including the benefits of incorporating components of various

Approaches to conducting a needs assessment, selecting the appropriate statistics for

analysis of data and the target audience for the program.

·       The term paper is due the seventh module of the class, and submission of the topic for instructor approval is due by the end of the fourth module of class.

·       The paper will utilize the APA format, double-spaced with 1-inch margins and a 12-point font.

·       The cover sheet, table contents, index, pictures, or excessive quotations do not count as the body of the paper.

·       All students will submit their papers to the course Dropbox as well as The course ID and password will be made available to you by your instructor. A plagiarized document will result in a minimum penalty of an “F” for the paper (zero points). Please read the Academic Honesty information below.

·       The professor reserves the right to make the determination of what constitutes “excessive.” (Information provided by Dr. Galo Alava)

HCA450 Course Description

This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of health information systems and health information management based on the core competencies defined by the American Health Information Management Association. It covers planning, selecting implementing, using and managing health information technology applications. Emphasis is placed in health information as the backbone of healthcare delivery, technology, standardization and electronic medical records.

HCA450 Topics

Module 1

Healthcare Delivery   Fundamentals

Module 2

Health Information   Professionals

Accreditation and Regulation

Module 3

Fundamentals of Information   Systems

Module 4

Healthcare Records.

Midterm exam

Module 5

Electronic Records

Module 6

Healthcare Coding,   Reimbursement, Transactions and Billing

Module 7

Health Statistics, Research and   Quality Improvement

Module 8

Management and Decision Support   Systems.