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Wie Geht's? GER111

Wie Geht's? website

Cengage website for your textbook Wie Geht's? : Practice your grammar and vocabulary with these publisher-made tools!

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Foto von dem Akademischen Tag 2013: Fanta Vier

Foto von dem Akademischen Tag 2013: Die Prinzen

Foto von dem Akademischen Tag 2013: Nena


If you want to read about the history of the German language, these e-books are available online at the library! See more e-books for German Literature and Language under the E-books Tab above.

Die Fantastischen Vier - YouTube USA

Links to German Language, News, Culture, and Study Abroad Web sites

Sophie Scholl Film Fragebogen

Sophie Scholl - Die Letzten Tage (2005) is a glimpse into the final days of Sophie Scholl one of the leaders of the Weisse Rose, a German Resistance Movement, during World War II. Please view the Trailer (in box below).

Please see me for the film, if you would like to view it again! The assignment (attached here) is due on Tuesday, January 29.

Sophie Scholl - Trailer (YouTube USA)

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German - Arabic / Arabic - German Dictionary Online

GER111 Final Exam Review

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