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EDU 532: Library Research Guide (Ruiz 2020): Home

Important Update

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Call the library at (800) 359-5945 if you have questions or something is unclear to you. 

How to use this libguide

You should complete this LibGuide before the online meeting. 

Directions for completing this LibGuide:

  • Work through the materials in this LibGuide in numerical order, 1-5.
  • Content in preceding modules prepares you to tackle the content in following ones.
  • It takes a minimum of 1.5 hours to go over the content and do the worksheets. Plan accordingly.
  • The videos provide background information and demonstrate research skills.
  • The worksheets give you a chance to reflect on and apply the content in each module.
  • The research skills covered in this LibGuide are the ones you need for assignments in this class that require using the online library.

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