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PSY 202: Foundations Psychology Seminar (Wolfe 2022): Introduction


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APA Format Writing Assignment

  • —Students will be able to reproduce a search in EBSCO/PsychINFO to locate peer-reviewed articles in Psychology. (Framework  - Searching as Strategic Exploration)


  • Students will be able to convert article information into an APA citation (in-text & bibliographic citation)   (Framework - Information has Value)


  • Students will demonstrate information literacy frame Scholarship as Conversation by connecting the scholarly discussion in their Critical Article Review. (Framework - Scholarship as Conversation)

Finding a Topic

Sources for topics:

Make a list of what interests you!

Skim your textbook:  Table of Contents and Index.

Browse through psychology magazines and journals:

     Psychology Today

     Scientific American Mind

See the APA website:

     APA Psychology Topics

     PsycINFO Topic Guides

Browse APA PsycBooks for background information on a topic. (You will need to login.)

     APA PsycBooks

Check out the daily news online for topics related to psychology: