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UE: HUM 110CL: Giants of the Arts (Hawley, Fall 2021): Home

Giants of the Arts sections taught by Jennifer Hawley




Welcome to the class LibGuide for the sections of HUM-110CL taught by Jennifer Hawley, PhD in the 2021 Fall semester.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me:

Class Announcements

As you look at your grades on Courses, please make sure you look at the comments by clicking on the grade.  Even if you have an A/100%, there may be comments that you will need to take into account for future assignments.


Extra Credit is "all or nothing."  If each and every instruction is not followed, no points will be given.  If the assignment is ONE WORD SHORT from what is required, NO POINTS will be given.  If the assignment is ONE MINUTE LATE from the time/date given in Course, NO POINTS will be given. You must ATTEND/ATTEMPT the Final Exam to be eligible for extra credit.

General Assignment Submission Notes

  • All assignments may be turned in late for partial credit, but there are deadlines for the submission of late work (please see the syllabus for more info).
  • Assignments will not be accepted after the late work deadline for that particular assignment type (please see the syllabus for more info).
  • Any requested assignment corrections will be due 2 weeks after my initial grading sweep.
  • No assignment can have a percentage of more than 20%.  Research Encounters will receive a 0% (no chance to correct) if the percentage is more than 20% at the due date/time.
  • Any Research Encounter that does not use a topic from the REQUIRED LIST will receive 0%.
  • Work submitted on time will be given priority in grading.  Late work submitted before the Midterm will be graded by the time Midterm Grades are due.  Late work submitted before the Final will be graded by the time Final Grades are due.
  • Extra Credit Assignments are "all or nothing," and no points will be earned if even one of the requirements is not met.
  • Extra Credit Assignments that are 1 word short of the required length will receive no points.
  • Students are only eligible to complete Extra Credit Assignments for credit if they Attend/Attempt the Final Exam.
  • If the UE Assignment is NOT submitted through CHALK AND WIRE, the grade will be an automatic 0%.

Citation Help

Book with One Author (2nd, and all subsequent, line should be indented)

Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. Publication City: Publisher, Publication Year. Print (or EBook, etc.).


Website (2nd line, and all subsequent, should be indented; if you do not have one of the categories, skip to the one to the right)

Last Name, First Name. "Web Article Title." Website Title. Web. Date (ex. 25 January 2012).


E-Journal (2nd line, and all subsequent, should be indented)

Last Name, First Name. "Article Title." Journal Title edition number (Month, Year): page numbers. Database. Web. Date (ex 25 January 2012).

Contact/Class Information

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Jennifer Hawley
Alternate E-mail:

Class Syllabi

Please make sure you click on the specific syllabus for your section of the course.  Different sections may have slightly different dates.

Excused Absence Request Form

This form is required for all excused absence requests, except Student Athletics and Official University events.  Please see the class syllabus for further details on the class attendance policy.  Once you have filled out and signed the form, please submit it through the DropBox (under Content) on our class Course/D2L page.

Midterm Exam and Final Exam Study Guide

The Study Guides will be posted here prior to the review session for each exam.

Extra Credit

You may complete as many of the following assignments for extra credit as you want.  You may, however, only complete each a single time.  If there is an assigned length, you must write at least that many words in order to get the promised credit.  Partial credit will NOT be awarded for assignments that do not fulfill the requirements, including length. You MUST ATTEND THE FINAL EXAM to receive any credit from these assignments.

Copyright Statement

No copyright infringement is intended by the inclusion of any of the resources on this page.  All information is for educational purposes only.

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