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Democracy in Troubled Times


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Welcome to the LibGuide for the 2021 Spring sections of POL-110HA Revolution Now! Democracy in Troubled Times taught by Jennifer Hawley, PhD at University Campus!!

Class Announcements

Grading Codes

Beyond the regular letter grades, these are the codes I use when grading:

FA/0%=I did not receive the assignment.  Please review the syllabus to determine if the assignment in question can be submitted late for credit.

FI/0%=Something is wrong with your submission.  Please review comments and make the necessary corrections before resubmitting.  The original date of submission will be used to determine whether or not the assignment was turned in on time.

F/% grade=Your assignment earned an F grade (under 60%).  Please review comments for explanation. 

Contact/Class Information

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Jennifer Hawley
Alternate E-mail:

Class Syllabi

Please make sure you view the syllabus for your specific section of the course.

Excused Absence Request Form

This form is required for all excused absence requests, except Student Athletics and Official University events.  Please see the class syllabus for further details on the class attendance policy.

Extra Credit

You may complete as many of the following assignments for extra credit as you want.  You may, however, only complete each a single time.  If there is an assigned length, you must write at least that many words in order to get the promised credit.  Partial credit will NOT be awarded for assignments that do not fulfill the requirements, including length.

Final Exam Study Guides

Copyright Statement

No copyright infringement is intended by the inclusion of any of the resources on this page.  All information is for educational purposes only.