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Welcome to the Library Guide for writing in business

The Saint Leo Core Value for this guide isCommunity from working with your professors, the librarians, library writing professionals, and your fellow classmates to build and strengthen your writing skills.   The Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) Frame of Information Creation as a Process is reflected in this guide by providing some building blocks and resources to help develop & improve writing ("Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education", 2015).

Please check out the GREEN Tab up top to see the different types of essays with sample papers, and please check out the Thesaurus listed below and the writing help support offered by the 2 library writing professionals listed on the right.  They have an APA template, sample paper, and mini guide listed.  You may contact me for any questions about this Libguide at:

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Thesaurus - click on little blue link

CIA World FactBook


Paraphrasing is done when one restates or retells the words or writing of another person without using the exact words the original author used

Students must indicate throughout their papers when they are restating the words/writing of a journal article

Example of Paraphrasing

Hitchcock states that group and personal drive are the result of management's skill to inspire workers to complete the desired performance or targets (2017).  

Consider Using a Thesaurus to help you when you are trying to paraphrase!

How is Paraphrasing different from Quoting?  

Quoting is done when one uses the exact words of an author and quotation marks must be used.  If you do not paraphrase and need to use the EXACT words, you must quote - Example of A Quote:

Htichcock states that "collective and individual motivations are two outcomes of the leadership’s ability to motivate individuals and collectives to perform and accomplish goals" (2017, p. 30).  

3 Minute Great Video below illustrating this!  

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