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Watergate: The Dean Interview

Senior Thesis

Interview Questions

 Interview Questions: John W. Dean III

  • When do you believe the cover-up started?
  • When do you believe RN first learned of the cover-up?
  • When do you believe the scandal could have/should have ended?
  • As of today, do you believe Mitchell approved Liddy’s plan? (2nd break-in)
  • Why would Ehrlichman deny that you told him that the burglary was Liddy’s project?
  • Do you believe some of the April 15th, 1973 WH recordings were intentionally erased? If so, by whom? Why?  
  • What should RN have done, following your March 21st conversation with him?
  • When do you believe was the point of no return for RN?
  • Why do you believe RN handled Watergate the way he did?
  • What did RN know regarding Watergate before March 21st?
  • Was there ever any actual Dean Report made? Or was it just your March 21st conversation with RN?
  •  Do you regret not accepting one of those “two attractive job offers” in September 1971?
  • What did you fear most? Going to prison? Or being disbarred?
  • How difficult was the transition from practicing law to pursuing finance?
  • How do you feel when Watergate “revisionists” distort your role and/or motive in Watergate?
  • What first attracted you to Twitter?
  • What should my generation learn from Watergate?