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HUS 505: Management and Leadership in Human Services: HUS 505: Module 8

HUS 505 Module 8

Final Paper topic ideas with some examples. The examples are a springboard to assist you in developing your topic. Student may select from this provided list or submit from their own topic. (Instructor may give students additional options to select from). See your Syllabus for detailed information.


  1. Critique of leadership and management theories
  2. Strategic planning in human services organizations
  3. Human services governance and leadership
  4. Human resources management in human services organizations
  5. International human services management
  6. Management issues for human services organizations
  7. Ethical issues facing human services organizations
  8. Scope and dimensions of the human services sector
  9. Technology’s impact on the human services sector
  10. Historical development of human services agencies consider any number of human services agencies that got their start from an individual with a passion to help others, solve a problem, or to create something unique. Check out the Extra Mile, the Points of Light Pathway in Washington, D.C. to find 33 American individuals who selflessly helped others and created new organizations, establishing new ways of thinking and new services for all of us. Choose one individual and write about their service and leadership. 

Review of Modules 1-7

Please review Modules 4-7 for the Final Exam