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HUS 510: Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Services: Module 7: Stakeholder Connections

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HUS 510 Mod 7 Assignments

Step 2: Submit a 2-4-page paper analyzing stakeholder conflicts. Answer the questions at the end of Case 5 (pages 52-53) in essay form. Utilize a minimum of two scholarly sources and two ethical standards from the Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals ethical code to support your response.


Case Five: Breaking Up Is To Do


Social Service Agency (SSA) is a sectarian family service agency that provides counseling, family life education and other public service education programs to the community. It was founded by its major funding source, a sectarian fundraising and allocating organization called the Community Planning Agency (CPA) and remains a division instead of a separate agency. When considering the separation of the SSA from the CPA many things must be considered such as the legal, financial, and political ramifications. This case study explores an organization’s complex web of stakeholders, interests, and dependencies.

Using a report on the potentials ramifications, you will have to decide whether the SSA should separate from the CPA.

Learning Goals

  • Analyze data to come up with the best solution
  • Decipher who the stakeholders are and what are their perspectives
  • Interpret an organization’s legal, financial, political, and identity issues


Learning Objective

By the end of this case study lesson, you will be familiar making important decisions that accommodate various stakeholders through analyzing the concerns associated with separating organizations.


Scenario: The Healing Center is offering free community seminars on various topics from parenting classes to financial planning. They are hoping these seminars will get more people into the center and ultimately increase their customer base. While the event is free for participants, it is costing the agency money due to paying staff overtime. The financial stakeholders are pushing the director to charge a nominal fee for participation.

Discuss the ethical stakeholder conflict and present a plan of action for the director. Incorporate concepts from the required reading, the case study, and the SLU values of integrity and community. Respond to two peers with scholarly support.