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CRM 300: Introduction to Community Policing, Fall 2016: CRM 300 Introduction to Community Policing

Criminal Justice Research Methods

Community Policing Topics

Criminal Justice Practice Approaches to Community Policing

  1. Affirmative Action
  2. External Accountability Mechanisms/Internal Accountability Mechanisms
  3. Line-of-Duty and Crisis Situations
  4. Evidence-based Strategies to Prevent Crime
  5. Evolving Crime Trends
  6. Policing in a Changing American Society
  7. Advances in Technology
  8. Policing in an Era of Declining Budgets
  9. Immigration
  10. Terrorism/Homeland Security
  11. Surveillance and Privacy


Critical Thinking Research Paper

Students will select a contemporary community policing issue (pre-approved by the instructor) that places emphasis on the relationship between the police and the public and how this relationship has changed throughout the years and write a 1500 word paper which clearly articulates the scope of the issue. No more than 15% of any material can be quoted. 

Your paper must discuss and demonstrate criminal justice practice approaches to your Community Policing area. For example: Affirmative Action, External Accountability Mechanisms, Internal Accountability Mechanisms, Line-of-Duty and Crisis Situations, Evidence-based Strategies to prevent crime, Evolving Crime Trends, Policing in A Changing American Society, Advances in Technology, Policing in an Era of Declining Budgets, Immigration, Terrorism/Homeland Security, and growing concerns about surveillance and privacy. In addition, the paper will make a connection between community policing and the Saint Leo University Core Values of community and respect.

Research must be documented in a college-level, typewritten paper that uses APA format, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 font and includes an abstract and reference pages. The written assignment will be no less than 1500 words and will be submitted into Due Module 8.

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