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SWK 321: Methods of Social Research I Quantitative Methods: Finding Empirical Articles

Article location strategies

There is no "one size fits all" model for locating empirical articles.

Instead, look for the itmes that the article should contain in order to be considered "empirical." Use your critical thinking skills to identify them. 

When searching, type in your topic keyword(s). THEN narrow your search results by limiting your results to:

  1.  Full Text     2. Scholarly/Peer reviewed articles         3. date range of 2010-2014

If you still arent getting the results you think you should, think about adding "empirical study," OR "research study,"  OR "quantitative," or other similar terms. Using these words will not guarantee empirical articles, but they can help.

 Sample articles from ProQuest

You can find sample articles from EBSCOHost as part of the demonstration in the video.

Searching library databases for empirical research articles

Need a little help on how to search for research articles? this video will help you understand how to locate these types of articles.