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English Major Graduate School and Career Resources: Saint Leo Success Stories

Cecilia Bolich

Cecilia is a graduate of the Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) and Master of Information and Library Science (MLIS) programs at USF and UCD Ireland, respectively. While at USF, she was engrossed in cultural studies and critical theory, and after months of hair pulling with Foucault, Derrida, and Butler, Cecilia emerged with a thesis idea. Bridging film and rhetoric, she wrote on the cinematic horror classic, Alien. Needless to say, it scared the pants off her.
After USF, Cecilia’s trip across the pond for her follow-up degree gave her many insights. She studied reference services, information literacy, and other topics central to the library craft. But more importantly, she perfected her limericks and intolerance to whiskey. After her graduate work was complete, Cecilia decided it was time to become an adult and do adult things (like get a 401k). She landed a gig with the Saint Leo University library and worked managing the circulation and interlibrary loan departments. After a year, she scored an opportunity to work in the eLearning field and is now currently employed with Leo’s Instructional Technology Department, bringing quality education to the masses. As part of the online production team, Cecilia helps to build, edit, and standardize the online courses developed and is simultaneously completing her certificate in instructional design. Cecilia enjoys music festivals, pub trivia, reading, traveling, and the satisfaction of crossing things off of her Netflix list.

Corey DeHate

My name is Corey DeHate, and I am a second year law student (“2L”) at the University of Florida Levin College of Law. While I attended Saint Leo University, I was an English major with a specialization of Advanced Literary Studies. This focus taught me the critical thinking and reading skills that have helped me excel in law school.

One aspect of the program focuses on constantly being aware of an author’s purpose and audience, while also considering a host of theories and factors that could all have affected the author’s work. This is especially helpful as I constantly read and review cases dating back to the foundation of our country; picking apart old novels has helped me keep up with the demanding amount of difficult reading I have had to do in law school.