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POL 295: International Relations: Useful Sources

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Once you have a basic understanding of the issues, use the Saint Leo University library to do some research. You'll want to search for articles first since they'll be the most recent resources available, but take a look at our print book and e-books as well for background information and more in-depth facts on the countries, the stakeholders, and the history that has had an effect on the situation in the Middle-East.

Databases to Consult:

The CIA World Factbook

The CIA World Factbook is a useful tool for finding information on specific countries and the issues they face. Use reports on countries involved in the Middle-East conflicts to get a sense of the cultural, political, economic, and geographical concerns that these countries and their neighbors may have in order to help you hone in on other topics to research.

News Sources

Use reliable news sources like the BBC, NPR, CNN, and other news outlets to help you understand the crisis in the Middle-East. Most of these outlets have archives that may help in providing you with background information on the issues involved.

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