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SWK 421: Methods of Social Work Practice III [Grant Writing]: Library Research

Grant Writing Support

2021 Grant Ideas

These links were located based on the first class session's discussion of potential topics.


Your grant application needs to be supported by data. Data that supports and enhances the understanding of your audience as to the problem and how you plan to address it can help win the funding needed.

Some selected resources 


Grant specific data sources


  • If you are researching grants for animal welfare, you will need to locate supporting data by contacting local animal welfare groups.
  • If you need data on how many miles and meals were delivered in the area you are interested in, you will need to contact Meals on Wheels to request that information, and to interview key supporters.
  • If you are researching grants for transitional families and the homeless, you will need to determinecurrent status of assistance programs, and what areas continue to be in need of support. Sheltering grants appear to be limited to one funding agency in each region.

Data available online: