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UE: HTY 110HM: Native American History: Research and Resources

This is a general education course for Saint Leo University

Print Books

A companion to American Indian history

A Companion to American Indian History - Philip J. Deloria and Neal Salisbary

Call Number: E77.C74 2004

ISBN: 1405121319

Publication Date: 2004-03-12

Image result for Fundamentalisms and Society

Fundamentalisms and Society - R. Scott Appleby; Helen Hardacre; Everett Mendelsohn; Martin E. Marty

Call Number: BL238 .F83 1991 v.2   

ISBN: 0226508803

Publication Date: 1993-03-15


Database Resources

  Database resources:

       a)  Early encounter in North America: Peoples,Cultures and the Environment from 1534-1850.

       b)  "Native Americans"

       c)  "South-eastern Native American Documents" provides approximately 2,000 letters, legal documents, military orders, financial papers, and archaeological images from 1730 to 1842. 

       d) http://extext,  'English language Resources", 136 works on or by Native Americans.

       e)  "cultural groups", American Indian Liaison Program and Heritage Preservation Services.

       f)  Native Americans, arts and entertainment, business and labor, civil liberties, daily life, education, immigration and ethnic heritage, governemt, religion, science and technology, sports, and women.

       g)  The Mississippian Indian city of Bottle Creek (1100-1400);and the Indian fishing site of dauphin Island Shell Mounds(1100-1400).

       h)  Encounters between Europeans and Native peoples.

       i)  "Native Americans"

      j)  American Indians in the Northwest Coast and Plateau regions of the Pacific Northwest.

     k)  150 letters, a diary, a journal, five treaties, more than seventy commission and agency reports and legislative actions. Sin maps and approximately one hundred images.

     l)  Eight annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs from the 1870, along with appendices and a map, tables.

    m) http://www,  American Indian Movement.

    n) htpp://    The long history of struggle for equal rights by various ethnic groups in Seattle, including 'Native Americans"


Book Jacket

The Native American World - Donna Hightower-Langston

ISBN: 9780471436553

Publication Date: 2003-01-21

Click here to view eBook


Book Jacket

Rethinking American Indian History - Donald Lee Fixico

ISBN: 0585202842

Publication Date: 1997-01-01

Click here to view eBook


Book Jacket

Native American Tribalism - D'Arcy McNickle; Peter J. Iverson (Editor)

ISBN: 0195084225

Publication Date: 1993-08-19

Click here to view eBook


Book Jacket

American Indian Languages - Lyle Campbell

ISBN: 058537161X

Publication Date: 1997-01-01

Click here to view eBook


Book Jacket

History's Shadow - Steven Conn

ISBN: 9780226115115

Publication Date: 2008-09-15

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Book Jacket

New Perspectives on Native North America - Sergei Kan; Pauline Turner Strong; Raymond Fogelson

ISBN: 080325363X

Publication Date: 2006-01-01

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Book Jacket

American Indian Culture - Carole A. Barrett; Harvey Markowitz

ISBN: 158765315X

Publication Date: 2004-01-01

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Book Jacket

Voice of the American West - Eli Seavey Ricker; Richard E. Jensen

ISBN: 0803253885

Click here to view eBook


Book Jacket

American Indian Leaders - R. David Edmunds

ISBN: 0585307989

Publication Date: 1980-01-01

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Book Jacket

Making Home Work - Jane E. Simonsen

ISBN: 9780807877265

Publication Date: 2006-12-08

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Book Jacket

Indian Work - Daniel H. Usner

ISBN: 9780674054745

Publication Date: 2009-08-27

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Book Jacket

Early Encounters--Native Americans and Europeans in New England - Warren Sears Nickerson; Delores Bird Carpenter

ISBN: 0585188238

Publication Date: 1994-01-01

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Book Jacket

Retained by the People - John R. Wunder

ISBN: 0585329001

Publication Date: 1994-01-01

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Legal/Government Documents & Information



MOMADAY, N. SCOTT (1934– )






DELORIA,  VINE, JR. (1933– )


JACKSON,  ANDREW (1767–1845)




THORPE,  JIM (1888–1953)




1.  Archival research catalog offers more than 78,000 government resources. (Includes textual records, photographs, maps, architectural drawings, artifacts,sounding recording and motion pictures. To begin search, click on the yellow "search button near the top left corner of the ARC webpage.

2.  Documents available addresses U.S legal, economic, political, diplomatic and governmental history. "Native Americans".

3.  This digitized version of the book Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties is a useful resource. Indian Affairs is a highly regarded, seven-volume compendium of treaties, laws and executive orders relations to U.S-Indian affairs, originally compiled by Charles J. Kappler in 1904 and updated afterward through 1970. Volume II presents treaties signed between 1778 and 1882. Volume I and III through VII cover laws, executive and departmental orders, and important court decisions involving Native Americans from 1871 to 1970. Some volumes also provide tribal fund information. This version includes the editor's margin notations and detailed index entries, and allows searches across volumes.It provides a comprehensive resource for legal documents on U.S relations with Native Americans.

4.  Texts containing laws and courts cases,disputes involving Native Americans.

5.  Indian Land cessions, and Louisiana Purchase.

6. http://  The Indian Removal Act (1830) Links to the American Memory Project collections.

7.  Native American relations "Politics"

Indian Humorists

Contemporary Indian Humorists (Young Native American scholars and comedians)

Contact Instructor Janet Tucker for more information