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UE: ECO 110HA: Economics for Life: Articles


I have not gotten approval to post the PDFs of the articles that I think are useful nor am I sure that you will have access to JSTOR or other databases, but I believe the google boxes below provide a nice work around to allow you to veiw them. 

Economic Organisation of a POW Camp

The Economic Organisation of a P.O.W. Camp

R. A. Radford

New Series, Vol. 12, No. 48 (Nov., 1945), pp. 189-201
Published by: Wiley
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Goal Setting and Monetary Incentives

Goal Setting and Monetary Incentives: Motivational Tools That Work Too Well

  • Patrick M. Wright

Goal Setting and Monetary Incentives: Motivational Tools That Can Work Too Well Compensation & Benefits Review June 1994 26: 41-49, doi:10.1177/088636879402600308

NOTE: this one should be available if you log in through the library and search for the journal or try this link below:

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