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Re-using your own work

What if you had gotten an A or a B in another class on a paper that had some - or even a lot - of information that might work for this paper? Is it o.k. to use it?

No, not usually.  Why?

Because your professor wants you to think about this class - and write a paper that isn't a duplicate from another class.

He or she wants original work that speaks to the current assignment or problem. 

Re-using a paper you completed for another class is called self-plagiarism. Self-plagiarism has consequences, just like regular plagiarism.

It is not original. It is a copy. Unless you ask your professor in advance and he or she says yes, don't do it.

Please go back to the choices and make a better decision.

Calling or emailing friends to borrow their papers

Calling another friend to see if you can borrow their paper, or get one emailed to you is plagiarism. The paper was not written by you, and it is not your intellectual property. Turn it in dot com quite likely will out you -- then what? Academic honesty is crucial  - so start that paper early, and don't put yourself in this bind.

After all, if you get a good grade, is it your grade, or a refelction of your friend's ability?

If you get a bad grade, telling your teacher it was your friends fault will not get you a better grade, and you will be mad at your friend.

Borrowing a paper is very likely going to get both of you in trouble.

Borrowing a paper is not a good decision.

This is a dead-end. Please go back to the selections and choose another option.

Make a better decision.