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REL 455: American Catholicism 1775-1881: American Catholics in the Eigtheenth Century

Theology, Spirituality, Culture and History

Crash Course: The Enlightenment

Charles Carroll of Carrollton (dramatic portrayal)

Links to help with Discussion Questions & Written Assignments

These links will help you understand some selected topics mentioned in your book and discussed in Modules One through Three.

You will find them helpful when answering discussion questions in Modules One through Three, and in your written assignments.

"Marylando-Hibernus": Charles Carroll the Settler, 1660-1720 (login with your SLU login ID and password)

Pope Pius X, Pascendi Dominici Gregis

John Ireland's Americanism after 1899 (login)

John Ireland and the Modernist Controversy (login)

 Swearing against Modernism: SACRORUM ANTISTITUM (login)

Under the Benign Sun of Toleration: Matthew Carey, the Dauai Bible, and Catholic Print Culture 1789-1791 (login)

Prelude to Americanism: The New York Academia and Clerical Radicalism in Late Nineteenth Century (login)

Charles Carroll's Plan of Government (login)

Writings of Mathew Carey

Books and eBooks

Advertisement for Bible printed by Carey