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MAT 320: History of Mathematics: Group Project


Goal 1: To get a deeper appreciation for and develop an interest in an area of mathematics.

Goal 2: To share this new found interest with everyone else in the class.

Suggested Topics

This list is not all inclusive

  1. Perfect numbers and the Euclid-Euler formula
  2. Pythagorean triples
  3. Sums of squares
  4. Fibonacci sequence
  5. Mobius strip
  6. Properties of "Pascal" triangle
  7. Stirling's formula
  8. Wallis' formula
  9. Konigsburg Bridge Problem and Euler circuits
  10. Euler's formula
  11. Four Color Theorem
  12. Cauchy's "wrong" theorems and proofs
  13. Abacus, slide rule, Chinese mathematics, etc., etc.

Your Draft

  • The draft should be 2 – 3 pages long
  • Must contain the outline of the research on your topic
  • What you intend to investigate 
  • What you hope to share with the class in your presentation
  • You must also list all your resources in your draft proposal
  • You must submit your draft to 

The Project Details

Choose your teammates and then identify the topic for the group project. In any team there must be 2 – 3 members! Please turn in a typed document containing the names of the members and the chosen topic. In addition, describe in 50 - 100 words why you are interested in the topic chosen. (5 points)