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UE: SCI 210SC: Energy & Its Impact on Global Society

Science 210


When you think of a "hybrid" or alternative energy vehicle, what do you think about first? Did you know there are several versions of alternative energy, or hybrid fuel options available?

Some resources

Article Search Tips:

  1. When researching articles on hybrid vehicles, determine what your focus is, and whether you wnat "peer reviewed" or "non-peer reviewed" articles.
  2. Are you looking for news, general information, products? That would be non peer reviewed articles.
  3. Are you looking for research on feasibility, or consumer adoption rates? Those might be peer reviewed, or non-peer reviewed, depending on who is writing the article, and for which audience. (the general consumer or the researcher)
  4. Are you looking for data that supports their feasibility and economic impact, as well as a statistical analysis and critique of the data provided? That would usually be peer reviewed.

2011 data, Dept of Energy Information

Alternative Fuel Vehicles in Use 2011:

  Light Duty Medium Duty Heavy Duty Total
Ethanol — Flex Fuel 819,133 43,387 317 862,837
Liquid Petroleum Gas (Propane)  76,647 26,855 35,975 139,477
Natural Gas  66,147 23,473 32,030 121,650
    Compressed Natural Gas  65,980 23,343 28,891 118,214
    Liquefied Natural Gas  167 130 3,139 3,436
Electric — Battery 66,409 87 779 67,295
Hydrogen  425 1 101 527
Total 1,028,761 93,803 69,222 1,191,786

pic of hybrid vehicle