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Religion & Theology Subject Research Guide: Print Reference Books

Key resources in Religion & Theology

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Print Reference Books

Reference books include encyclopedias, dictionaries, manuals, handbooks, almanacs, atlases and directories.  The reference books are located in the Cannon Memorial Library in the Reference Section on the main floor.  Reference books do not circulate and may only be used in the library. 

Circulating Volumes (on 2nd floor) for you to check out
[Off-campus/online patrons: See Forms > Book Request form]:

The Anchor Bible (Commentary Series) BS195 .A53   (44 vols.)

Ancient Christian Writers Series BR60 .A35  (60 vols.)  

The Fathers of the Church BR60 .F3 (multiple vols.)


Reference Works (1st floor Reference area)
[in-library use only; cannot be checked out]

The Anchor Bible Dictionary (6 vols.) REF BS440 .A54 1992

The Atlas of Religion REF G1046.E4 O2 2007

Catholic Bible Dictionary REF BS440 .H23 2009

The Comprehensive New Testament REF BS2095 .C67 2008

Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible REF BS440 .D495 2005

Dictionary of Ancient Deities REF BL473 .T87 2001

Encyclopedia of American Religions REF BL2525 .M449 2003

Encyclopedia of the American Religious Experience (3 vols.) REF BL2525 .E53 1987

Encyclopedia of Catholic Social Thought, Social Science, and Social Policy REF BX1753 .E595 2007

Encyclopedia of Christian Theology (3 vols.) REF BR .D5313 2005  

Encyclopedia of Christianity REF BR95 .E47 2005

Encyclopedia of New Religious Movements REF BL31 .E453 2006

Encyclopedia of Philosophy  (10 vols.) REF B41 .E5 2006

Encyclopedia of Religion (15 vols.) REF BL31 .E46 2005

Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature REF BL31 .E465 2005

Encyclopedia of Religious and Spiritual Development  REF BV4571.3 .E53 2006

Encyclopedia of Science and Religion (2 vols.) REF BL 240.3 E53 2003

Encyclopedia of Women and Religion in North America REF BL458 .E52 2006

Encyclopedia of Women and World Religion (2 vols.) REF BL458 .E53 1999

Evangelical Dictionary of Theology REF BR95 .E87 2001

Global Catholicism: Portrait of a World Church REF BX946 .F76 2003

Isms: Understanding Religion REF BL80.3 .G33 2007

The IVP Dictionary of the New Testament REF BS23112 .I89 2004

The Literature of Theology: A Guide for Students and Pastors REF BR118 .B67 2003

The New American Bible Concise Concordance REF BS425 .N365 2003

New and Enlarged Handbook of Christian Theology REF BR95 .N393 2003

New Catholic Encyclopedia REF BX 841 .N44 2003

New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible REF 440 .N484 2004

The New Jerome Biblical Commentary REF BS 491.2 .B7 1990

The New Oxford Annotated Bible: With the Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical Books REF BS191.5 A1 2001

The New Westminster Dictionary of Christian Spirituality REF BV4488 .N49 2005

The Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers BQ 314 .S3 v.1 to BQ 314 .S4 v.14 (on 2nd floor)

Oxford Bible Atlas REF BS630 .O96 2007

The Oxford Companion to Christian Thought REF BR 95 .094 2000

Oxford Dictionary of the Bible REF BS440 .B73 2004

The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church REF BR 95 .08 1997

Religion and American Cultures (3 vols.) REF BL 2525 .R448 2003

Religions of the World (4 vols.) REF BL 80.3 .R45 2002

Sacramentum Mundi REF BX 841 .S3

Theological Dictionary of the New Testament REF BS 2397 .A2KS

The Westminster Theological Wordbook of the Bible REF BS543 .W47 2003

World Scripture: A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts REF BL29 .W63 1995

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How do I find a book on the shelf?

The Cannon Memorial Library uses the Library of Congress classification system to organize the books on the shelves.  This system uses a combination of letters and numbers referred to as LC Call Numbers. Books related to Religion & Theology may be found under the following LC Call Numbers:

B        Philosophy (General

BC      Logic

BD      Speculative philosophy

BF      Psychology

BH      Aesthetics

BJ      Ethics

BL      Religions. Mythology. Rationalism

BM     Judaism

BP      Islam. Bahaism. Theosophy, etc.

BQ      Buddhism

BR      Christianity

BS      The Bible

BT      Doctrinal Theology

BV      Practical Theoloogy

BX      Christian Denomination

For more information on how to read the LC call numbers and locate a book on the shelf, click here: LC Call Numbers