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Biology Subject Research Guide: Print Resources

Key Resources in Biology

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Selected Reference Books

Print Books -- Circulating Collection 2nd Floor

How do I find a book on the shelf?

The Cannon Memorial Library uses the Library of Congress classification system to organize the books on the shelves.  This system uses a combination of letters and numbers referred to as LC Call Numbers. Books related to Biology may be found under the following LC Call Numbers:

Q      General Science

QH    Natural History,        Biology

QK    Botany

QL    Zoology

QM    Human Anatomy

QP    Physiology

QR    Microbiology

R      General Medicine


For more information on how to read the LC call numbers and locate a book on the shelf, click here: LC Call Numbers

Google Books

Google Book Search

Can't find the perfect book within these resources? Try Google Books! Google Books allows you to search for books on your topic available across the Internet. Use this Search box to get started. Note that clicking the "Search" button may load your search results in a new tab or window depending on your browser configuration settings.