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Writing Help (formatting, templates, and writing samples): Chicago Citation Help

APA, MLA, Chicago styleguide help; sample assignment, templates, etc.


The Chicago guide is a formatting often used in humanities, social science and history journals, and in some business journals. The Harvard Business School Citation style is derived from Chicago.

Please NOTE: Chicago has three variations. Because of the variations, formatting your document using Word or EasyBib is not as straighforward as it is for APA and MLA. Please use the reference guides instead.

General Formatting


Use BibMe to organize your paper/project, create a bibliography/Works Cited page, and track resources. You must first register in order to use it.Your Bibliography should include ALL resources referred to within your paper or presentation. It should be comprehensive enough so that your audience can locate all of the resources used to support your work. This can sometimes be difficult for website and other online resources, so it needs to be as complete and accurate as possible. The Purdue OWL website has a comprehensive list of various types of references and how to format them.

Tables & Graphs