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eReserve FAQs


Q: How long can an item be on electronic reserve?
A: One semester. An item can only be used one semester out of evey calendar year to be in compliance with fairuse guidelines and copyright law. We recommend that you have a different set of readings for each semester.

Q: What may faculty members place on reserve?
A: The following copyrighted material may be placed on eReserve according to fair use guidelines:

  • One article from any one journal, one periodical, or one newspaper issue, e.g. New York Times, 6/2/1902
  • One chapter or not more than 10% from a book the Library owns
  • One poem, short story, or essay from a single volume whether or not from a collected work
  • One drawing, cartoon or picture from a book, one journal, one periodical, or one newspaper issue


Q: I want to use three chapters from a book; can I do that?
A: No, not unless the three chapter equal less than 10% of the book. We can scan and place online up to 10% of a print item for one semester.

Q: I want three articles from a journal. Is that possible?
A: If the three articles are not from the same issue, you can. If the three articles are from the same issue, then you need to get copyright clearance.