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Print Periodicals List: Print Periodicals


Note: If you are looking for journals carried full text online, please refer to the AtoZ Journal List.

This is an alphabetical listing of all Daniel A. Cannon Memorial's print (hard copy) periodicals/journals. Please ask a librarian for assistance with locating the items you need. 

KEY to Letters by Holding Dates:

B = Item located within first floor bound periodicals stacks. 

 I = Item is an Index and shelved on our index shelves on the first floor. 

= Item located within collection contained on our second floor--note these are older and more fragile. Please ask a librarian for assistance when locating/handling. 

= Item is located on microfilm, first floor. 

MF = Item is contained in the microfiche cabinet, first floor. 

= Item is contained in our newspaper sections, first floor.