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Challenges Facing Healthcare

  • Mental health crisis
  • Opioid crisis continues to spread
  • Electronic records security
  • Financial pressure
    • "In 2023, health systems will likely continue to face financial difficulties due to ongoing staffing problems, reduced patient volumes, and rising inflation".(
  • Staffing
    • A survey of 18,000 nurses indicated that  30% of survey participants are thinking about a career change, up 7 percentage points over 2021 (
  • Legislation such as the "No Surprise Act"
    • "Federal litigation concerning the No Surprises Act (NSA) is increasing uncertainty for payers and health care providers"
  • Drug pricing reform
    • "The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was passed into law on August 16, 2022 with wide bi-partisan support. The drug pricing reform section of the IRA represents a sweeping change with respect to how the Medicare program will pay for prescription drugs in the future" (, 2023).

Some Key Terms:

  • Health reporting systems
  • No Surprise Act
  • Opioid crisis AND __________
  • Electronic records AND security OR hack*
  • Legislation AND public health 

Smart Search Strategies

  1. What do you want to know?
    1. Why is it important?
  2. Think about what you "key words" might be to locate that information
  3. Think about the time frame you want to limit your search to
  4. Reach out for help - we are here for you

See below for sample articles:

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