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HTY 301:Career Explorations: Module 3: Business

Position Statements in readings

"Historians are uniquely qualified to foresee change, to set change into context, to recognize practical innovation, and to manage the transitions from one era to the next. The sense of opportunity in a changing world distinguishes the historically trained businessperson from the graduate of a business program. It allows the historian in business to capitalize on change while others may only see change as an unpleasant challenge". assigned reading

Can you think outside the box? Make an argument for how you as a historian can place one of the following "Societal Changes" into context, AND capitalize on that change for a hypothetical business.  Describe the business setting that you are creating a report for your boss in, the opportunity this societal change may provide, the size of the change over time as projected by you, and how the transition might be better managed by the company for increasing profits. You must include at least three sources from the library, and two additional sources from business sources on the internet.Place the one you chose within the context of history in its broadest sense.

  • ChatGPT - tool, temptation, or total dumbing down of society.
  • Covid-19 pandemic -  hybrid remote work "for everyone"?
  • Walkable/bikeable cities or cities without cars?
  • Commercial and retail spaces - empty spaces or trading places?
  • Other: ___________________________________