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Escape to the Library: Start Here


It’s 11:00 pm on a Sunday evening. You’re at your dorm on campus, just a mere 1/4 mile from the library, and almost one mile from the Wellness Center.
You're relaxing and browsing TikTok videos, when you suddenly realize you did not complete that homework due on Monday!  You look for the textbook and reach for the bookmark with your thumb drive attached that your best friend made for you last semester, but you suddenly realize: you left it in a library book you borrowed, and you have already returned it!  Worse yet, the group project that is due on Monday as well, is also on the thumb drive, which you had attached to the decorative metal book mark.

You know you won’t be able to sleep until you retrieve it, too many people are depending on you to do your part, so you decide to go to the library to see if it is there. You grab your flashlight, an umbrella, and your dorm key, then hop on your scooter and ride to the library, but it is closed!  You wonder what time it opens tomorrow.
Maybe someone is there who can help you now, even though you think they're closed. It won't hurt to check.
You park your scooter and walk up the sidewalk.

You go to the door and peer in through the glass.

What?! There’s someone sitting at the desk inside, with a fluffy grey cat in a hat perched beside her. You look more closely. You cannot quite make out who it is, but you think it is a woman in a nun's habit from the days of Saint Leo Pioneers. Suddenly, the person disappears, and the cat stares straight at you! You hear a whisper...

“We prefer to have the library all to ourselves at night, but if you answer this question correctly, I might let you look for your thumb drive.” 


Terms have changed over the years, but religious and racial bias remains in our society.

Who was the first black student admitted to Saint Leo University?