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HUS 520: Working in Human Services Administration: Modules

This course introduces students to the field of management in human services organizations. It focuses on the knowledge and skills required by those who supervise employees on a daily basis. Employee and agency rights as well as legal issues pertaining to

Module 1

Introduction to Management in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors

Module 2

Strategic management and planning;

Federal equal employment opportunity laws and other employee protection

Module 3

Managing a diverse workforce; Job analysis

Films Media Group. (2020). Disability without bordersFilms On Demand

We will learn how people with disabilities inspired innovations. We will learn why people with disabilities are great employees. We will learn how to make accommodations for people with disabilities. The government wants more people with disabilities to be gainfully employed; but many employers are scared of the unknown. Alright, let's learn together. People with disabilities represent an untapped labor force of talented, dedicated people - and an exceptional workplace is comprised of people of all disabilities. Keep in mind that people with disabilities have inspired innovations such as closed-captioning, voice activation, braille, screen readers, and spell check.

Employment Relations and Conflict Resolution

The role of a manager includes preempting disputes by identifying and acting on issues early on. This minimizes negative effects on the workplace culture and saves the cost of escalating conflict. A manager encourages work/life balance, organizes regular meetings to enhance communications, and more.


  1. Role of Human Resources (HR)06:17
  2. Employment Relations: Role of Managers05:30
  3. Nature of Workplace Disputes04:21
  4. Dispute Resolution04:44
  5. Credits: Employment Relations and Conflict Resolution00:53

TEDTalks: Janet Stovall—How to Get Serious about Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Imagine a workplace where people of all colors and races are able to climb every rung of the corporate ladder -- and where the lessons we learn about diversity at work actually transform the things we do, think and say outside the office. How do we get there? In this candid talk, inclusion advocate Janet Stovall shares a three-part action plan for creating workplaces where people feel safe and expected to be their unassimilated, authentic selves.

Module 4

Recruitment and selection

Interviewing skills in the workplace; best practices

10 Essential Interviewing Skills

This focused program outlines the ten skills essential to achieving your goals when conducting an interview. The video helps viewers prepare logistics, determine structure and questions, build rapport, outline structure and process, encourage participation, establish facts, control the interview, listen actively, make judgments, and wrap up.

Module 5

Compensation and benefits

Employers Respond to ‘Great Resignation’ by Raising Pay, Improving Benefits: New SHRM research findings show businesses are responding to employee flight. (2021). HRNews.

Chehrazi, S. (2021, 11). Top 3 Benefits Trends Employers Can Expect in 2022 And Beyond. Employee Benefits and Wellness Excellence Essentials.

Module 6

Training and career development; Performance management

Module 7

Labor-management relations – collective bargaining in the public and nonprofit sectors;

Volunteers as employees

Volunteer Management Journal 2012-present

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Module 8