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HUS 423: Field Placement III, Module 1: Welcome

HUS 423 Field Placement III, Module 1: (6 credits) Must be completed before enrolling in HUS 424. It is the first module of the final supervised field placement in a human service organization.

Saint Leo Core Values

For this course, the Saint Leo University core values of Community, Excellence, and Respect are most applicable.

Community - We develop hospitable Christian learning communities wherever we are called to serve. With mutual trust and respect as the bedrock of our relationships, we foster a spirit of belonging, unity, and interdependence.

Excellence - Saint Leo University is an educational enterprise. All of us, individually and collectively, work hard to ensure that our students develop character, learn the skills, and assimilate the knowledge essential to become morally responsible leaders. The success of our university depends upon a conscientious commitment to our mission, vision, and goals.

Respect - Animated in the spirit of Jesus Christ, we value all individuals’ unique talents, respect their dignity, and strive to foster their commitment to excellence in our work. Our community’s strength depends on the unity and diversity of our people, on the free exchange of ideas, and on learning, living, and working harmoniously.

See all the Saint Leo Core Values.  

How to cite the Saint Leo University core values website page.  

Saint Leo University. (n.d.) Mission, values, and identity.

In-text citations should be (Saint Leo University, n.d.) because there is no date and if you quote it there will not be a page number. 


Saint Leo University, Cannon Memorial Library has an awesome library and a great team of people! We are here to help you on your educational journey!

Resume Paper – 10%  Key Assignment- Due (Week 4)

There are four standard types of resume formats (i.e., chronological, functional, combination, and targeted). The type that an applicant uses depends on the type of job the person is seeking. Students must do the following: 

  • Research the four standard types of resume formats, explain each type, and who should use it (i.e., the characteristics of the job seeker; e.g., someone with little work history) 
  • Choose two types of resume formats that would best fit you as you apply for jobs and provide a rationale for your choice.  
  • Select one Saint Leo University Core Value to include in the paper stating why it is important to have this value as a job seeker.  

A two-page paper should be written on the four types of resume formats along with the rationale. The paper must be typed in New Times Roman, 12-point font using APA format. The paper will be graded on writing style, organization, grammar and spelling, and use of references with a reference page. See the attached rubric. Students should prepare a resume using the style discussed in the paper and attach it as an Appendix after the References. Submit to the specified online Dropbox 

Professional Portfolio – 10% Due (Week 8) 

As a result of this course, students can expect to complete a professional portfolio. The portfolio will provide evidence of one’s academic and professional experience and will serve as a useful tool for career development. The portfolio will contain details of competencies gained through the Human Services course work, field, and other professional experience. Core Human Services courses have afforded you the opportunity to add vital information about your accomplishments to your portfolio.  

The portfolio may include but not be limited to:  

· Resume  

· Work ethic statement  

· Letters of recommendation  

· Certificates of attendance at workshops and seminars (can include awards) 

· Samples of work accomplished in the field  

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