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Emergency Management at Saint Leo

Welcome to Emergency Management at Saint Leo!


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The Emergency Management program at Saint Leo University is designed to prepare students to go onto careers in the public and private sectors, non-governmental organizations, and the military so that they can help manage a diverse range of challenges that may threaten the public. These include natural disasters and global threats.


Students who go into this program will be exposed to the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are necessary for effectively managing a wide range of critical incidents.  Throughout the program, students will examine various challenges facing the public, as well as current trends that are impacting the field of emergency management.  In addition, students will identify best practices for effectively leading organizations in times of crisis.


If you'd like to learn more about the program, you can find out more on this page. It is also recommended that you contact Admissions if you are interested in finding out more about the program. You can contact Admissions by phone at (877) 622-2009, or by email at


This LibGuide will provide you with resources that are useful for students and prospective students related to emergency management, information on careers in emergency management, resources for students, and a list of current courses available for students in the Emergency Management program,