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PSY 161 : APA Formatting 7th Edition

This guide will provide information on APA formatting and information on specific databases that will help with research.

The Basics


WHY do we need citation styles?

  • We need to give credit to individuals/organizations. 
  • Listing of what you have used will directly help future researchers.
  • Uniformity/Professional Standard. 

WHY are there different types of citation guides?

A.P.A. (American Psychological Association) was established for psychological publications, but through the years, has been adapted by other disciplines. There are several others--including M.L.A. (Modern Language Association) and Chicago style. Always check with your professor to see what style is used for your class. 

WHY are there many editions?

The manual are periodically updated to reflect changes in how society obtains and uses information. "Back in the day" there were typewriters and no internet. Now we have internet with many sources and ways to use them. 



In-Text and References: A Review

YouTube Video on how to Set Up Your Paper