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A Little Help with Discussion Posts & PowerPoint Presentations!: Quick, Easy, & Strong Source to Build a Solid Discussion Post

Begin Your Search

Consider using one of the library databases for peer reviewed journal articles:   Scroll DOWN to click on the image of the database to begin searching


Because peer reviewed journal articles are researched and written by professionals in each academic field.  This written research is then evaluated by the editorial boards of professional journals.  The editorial boards are made up by professionals in the field, thus giving a stamp of approval by a jury of peers to the research.  

If you use sources that are peer reviewed, this will show that you have selected content that has been accepted as scholarly and worthy of publication rather than just a news or opinion source.   

Below shows getting into the multi-disciplinary database - Ebsco.  Multi-disciplinary means that it covers many professional fields.

Now, Scroll down to use Ebsco...

Databases for Journal Articles

FIRST:      Select EBSCO from the Database List on the Saint Leo Library Homepage,  THEN, SECOND...