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Seekers and/of the Mysterious: Home

New ENG498 with Dr. Patrick Crerand; LibGuide by Prof. Carol Ann Moon

Seekers and/of the Mysterious - Who we are and what we do!

Seekers - noun (pl.)



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noun: seeker; plural noun: seekers

  1. a person who is attempting to find or obtain something.

    "a tenacious seeker of the truth"

The Mysterious - noun



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adjective: mysterious

  1. difficult or impossible to understand, explain, or identify.

    "his colleague had vanished in mysterious circumstances"

    • (of a location) having an atmosphere of strangeness or secrecy.

      "a dark, mysterious, windowless building"

    • (of a person) deliberately enigmatic.

      "she was mysterious about herself but said plenty about her husband"


late 16th century: from French mystérieux, from mystère ‘mystery’.


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