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ECO 201: Introduction to Macroeconomics: Data Sources

Economics 201: Introduction to Macroeconomics An introduction to the study of the determination of income, output, employment, and prices in the American economy. Emphasis on fundamental economic concepts, gross domestic product and its components, mone

Library Databases

Statistical sources


United States 

Your Area 


Recommended sites 

Recommended sites 

Unemployment Rate


 By states 

Metropolitan areas 

Labor force participation rate  or you city or state government website

Consumer Price Index  

Inflation rate

Go to your state or city government website  

Sales and Property Tax Rates  

  Go to your state or city government website 

Main sources of income/ employment  


Gale Demographics 


Gale Demographics or 

Median home price 

Rent for a two bedroom apartment  

Apartment vacancy rate  

  Go to your state or city government website 

Total production or output for the area 


Government spending  

Accumulated government debt