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PSY 339: Social & Cultural Foundations: Cultural Background Paper & Research Paper


From your Syllabus:  

Cultural Background Paper: Learning Outcome 3:  Become familiar with their own cultural development and potential biases

Students should be required to write a paper that allows them to learn more about their own cultural background. In this paper, students should be able to identify countries of origin with a brief overview of how their family settled areas of the US, discuss values, morals, and spiritual beliefs important to their family, relay how their family has approached the issue of diversity within the family, and reflect on what was learned as a result of this assignment. 

In this guide created for this course, there are online sources for you to use in the GREEN Tabs Above!  This guide was created for the students enrolled in the class in Savannah GA.  We will be discussing some of the cultures represented in Savannah in class, and throughout the term, more links and resources will be added to this guide.  


Research Paper: Students will write a traditional research paper on some aspect of diversity/culture during this course. What culture have you always wanted to learn more about? The paper should be approximately 6-10 pages long and it will be APA style with at least five references.