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CRM 220: APA & Research -- Debra Mims: Step 1

Help for writing the Research Paper.

Finding Resources

1) Find general information on your topic

Use an encyclopedia to find out general information, type of education needed, and trends in this field.

Try searching the Library Catalog for encyclopedia AND criminal

Do NOT use the encyclopedia as a source in your paper. It is just a place to get started

2) Once you know the case you want to research, search the Library Catalog that topic.

What problem do you see that needs a solution?

Search Worldcat

Books, eBooks, Online Articles & more in one powerful search!

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Finding Sources

  • EBSCO: Scholarly, multi-disciplinary full text databases. EBSCO also contains the following subject-specific databases: Atla, Business Source Premier, CPLI, ERIC, History Reference Center, Literature Reference Center Plus, MLA Directory of Periodicals, MLA International Bibliography, PsycArticles, and PsycINFO
  • Proquest: Business and academic multi-disciplinary databases that contain full-text, scholarly articles.
  • Statista: Online statistics portal offering an innovative and intuitive research tool for quantitative data. Great for graphs, charts, and other visuals.