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Background for the Paper

It is important to evaluate policies in order to determine if they are effective in addressing the underlying social problem within the larger context of the times, previous history, and political aspects. You will apply critical thinking skills to provide an in-depth analysis of a current social welfare policy discussed in the readings, and submit a 3-4 page paper on changes that you would make to the policy you presented to the class. Your reasoning for proposing and how these changes should be implemented should be CLEARLY represented in your paper. This is an individual paper and should not be submitted as a group. Therefore, your changes to the policy can (and should) be unique to ways that you view improving the existing policy.  Additionally, this paper must address and discuss the values relevant to the topic (see Chapter 5 in the text) and the Saint Leo value that best informs an understanding of the analysis.

Your paper

  • The final (two part) paper must be between 7-10 pages, typed and double-spaced.  Correct spelling, grammar, sentence structure is imperative. 
  • References must be cited correctly with a reference list included. Paper must follow the American Psychological Association (APA) format.

Questions to keep in mind

Describe the social problem being addressed by this policy. Use these questions to create an in-depth anaylsis (this list is not all-inclusive):
•What is the social problem being addressed by the policy?
•Who is/was the target population for the policy?
•How does this problem affect vulnerable populations?
•How does the policy affect them/their families negatively?
•What are some unintended consequences?
•What does the research say about the causes of this social problem? (cite experts or studies).
•When did the United States first attempt to address this problem through legislation and social programs? (as applicable)
•What do you believe are the weaknesses/issues/problems with the policy?
•What do you see as unique, creative way to resolve the problem(s)? [If I were in charge, I would fix it by... and I have this data to backup at least some part of my proposed solution]
•What values does this policy address? In what way?

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