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 Within the following link provided, Dr. Candace Roberts provides various resources for Writing Across The Curriculum for English/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Science; there is even a page for general resources. Check it out and listen to the podcasts below. 
This series of podcasts use Windows Media Player. They should launch automatically, but if you are using a Mac or other media player utility, you may need to download them.
Perspectives on Plagiarism - Faculty, staff and students provide their perspectives and insight regarding plagiarism.




Access Science
Starting point for researching a science topic; includes nearly 3000 biographies, over 9000 articles, over 16000 illustrations, and the latest news in science and technology.
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Encyclopedia of American Folk Art
This extensively illustrated encyclopedia covers three centuries of American Folk Art, including not just painting, but also quilts, rugs, shop signs, stoneware and many other examples of "Americana" through the years. The approach is historical and includes information on particular folk artists, providing locations of institutions collecting and displayinh their work. There is topical content on the ethnic, religious and mythical inspirations for American Folk Art. 
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Encyclopedia of Judaica, 2nd ed. 
This encyclpedia is a comprehensive study of the Jewish people and their faith, Judaism. It covers Jewish history, culture, holidays, language, scripture and religious teaching. This researcher will find timelines of Jewish history as well as Judaism and the Jewish population, by country. 
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Encyclopedia of Philosophy
This very comprehensive, authoritative encyclopedia covers virtually every important Eastern and Western philosophical concept or theory and also includes biographical entries on major figures in philosophical thought from ancient times to the present. Topics range from Aristotle to Zoroastrianism and most articles provide bibliographies citing classic sources as well as more contemporary materials. 
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Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender
Essays in this encyclopedia addresses issues of sex and gender from the personal and the social perspective, as well as issues of identity, status, class, ethnicity, race and nation. This resource provides a global perspective, providing comparisons of gender roles from country to country and individual cultures within specific countries. Each articule concludes with an extensive bibliography which points the user to recent books, journal articles, websites and proven classics for additional research.
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New Catholic Encyclopedia, 2nd. ed. 
The standard reference work is the only comprehensive source on Catholic teachings. It contains scholarly articules on persons and subjects related to both Catholicism and the Humanities, and is generously illustrated with maps and photographs. This new second edition has been extensively updated and revised to reflect contemporary questions and issues. 
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