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PSY 330: Forensic Psychology: Mental Measurements Yearbook

Information on requesting a scale or test


Getting Test Reviews from Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMYB)

 The Daniel A. Cannon Memorial Library has MMYB (4th through 20th) in print

• Use this link to request your test review


 You will receive the scanned pages via email

To locate Your Test use the link in the LINKS box, or click here.

The list is alphabetical.

Not sure of the name of the test you want to use? You can also search by category, or do a keyword search.

Click on a test title for further information

DO NOT purchase online - use the ILL form and order it from the library.


What you’ll need for your request

  • Test title
  • Volume number
  • YEAR

Note: The page numbers are not given; the library will locate this information for you.

 Complete the form with at least that minimum amount of information, PLUS

  •  Complete “Your Information” section
  • Provide SLU email account information

The request will be filled as soon as possible, just remember that the ILL department is usually staffed Monday-Friday.

Check your email for delivery (Allow 2 business days for delivery).

 Call 1.800.359.5945 if you have problems